CrossFit 101 (Beginner)

CrossFit 101 is our introductory or on-ramp course. In our 101 class you will learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit and experience the Rockkore program at a introductory level.  There is NO EXPERIENCE needed for this program and we invite anyone to try it FREE for 3 DAYS.

L1 (Level 1)

CrossFit Level 1 is our CrossFit Co-Ed class.  The majority of our athletes attend the L1 class and are offered Monday thru Friday.  You must have CrossFit experience or have completed the CF101 Beginners Course.  Coaches approval is required.



CrossFit Advanced is targeted more for advanced movements.  The majority of the athletes who attend the advanced class, are looking for higher volume workouts. Advanced classes are offered Monday thru Thursday.  Coaches approval and minimum skills test is required.
CrossFit Classes
$100 / month
  • CF101
  • CFL1
  • Advanced
CrossFit + Specialty
$150 / month
  • CFL1 or Advanced
  • plus Specialty Course:Olympic LiftingKettlebellStrongman
$20 / day
  • CFL1 or Advanced
  • Edinburg (956) 223-4660
  • Mission (956) 271-4457
  • email: